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Revolutionary Treatment for Lower Back and Neck Disc Protrusions

A revolutionary treatment for herniated and bulging discs is now available for Acadiana patients. Triton DTS Disc Decompression is a non-surgical treatment for lower back and neck disc problems.

Symptoms of cervical or lumbar disc syndrome:
Patients have varied symptoms when a disc fails. The most common symptoms are neck pain, lower back pain, pain into the arms or legs or into the shoulder blade. Tingling and numbness can also radiate into the arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, or toes. Muscle spasms are common and decreased range of motion is also common. Many times sleep is interrupted or it is difficult to find a comfortable position. Sitting is also difficult and riding in a vehicle is uncomfortable. It may be difficult to put weight on the affected leg.

What occurs at the disc level?
Disc problems often occur because the joint fails. Each bone in your spine (vertebra) is separated from the one above and below by a disc. The disc is actually two parts, a tough fibrous outer part called the annulus fibrosis and the gelatinous inner part called the nucleus pulposis. The vertebra can become displaced (subluxated) resulting in pressure and disc bulging or rupturing. This joint then starts to deteriorate, as movement is essential to bring fluids in and out of the disc.

Disc problems are usually slow degenerative problems that eventually cause the nuclear material to bulge out. The bulge becomes very painful when it moves posterior and lateral, to the side and the back, which results in nerve pressure. Very often the offending disc places direct pressure on the nerve that radiates into the leg (causing sciatica) or into the arm (causing radiating pain or numbness into the arm and hand).

What causes disc problems?
Although disc problems usually occur slowly and silently, very often an accident or injury can trigger acute symptoms of disc pain. Automobile accidents, where the patient is suddenly jolted, can cause disc protrusions or ruptures to the neck and lower back. Falls or other accidents are also common culprits. Heavy lifting or straining can cause this, even a sudden cough or sneeze, especially when a patient tries to hold it in, can cause a disc problem. Even repetitive motions with poor posture, such as prolonged computer work, can contribute to disc disease.

How do you diagnose disc disease?
A complete patient history and examination is very helpful in determining disc problems. There are specific orthopedic tests and reflex testing that point to disc problems. X-rays are very valuable because they show the position of the vertebrae in relation to the disc space. Other testing that helps determine disc problems are MRl and CT scans. Patients can be sent out out for specialized testing as needed.

Treatment Options
We provide non-surgical treatments for disc problems. Various therapies help reduce pain and muscle spasms such as interferential current, moist heat and ultrasound. Manipulation is often helpful to increase range of motion and reduce the pressure of vertebrae surrounding the disc.

Triton DTS Disc Decompression is our treatment of choice for disc patients. This is a special treatment table that utilizes a computer and gently decompresses the disc areas.

We now have four Triton DTS units in our practice, two in each location. The addition of these modalities has been a tremendous addition to our clinics and has allowed us to treat difficult neck and back cases. We also recommend therapeutic exercises and nutrition as an overall treatment for any back and neck problem.

Surgery is also an option for disc problems. We cannot cure every patient and we do refer to Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic surgeons. Other treatment options include medications (which we do not prescribe), and other medical and physical therapy options. 

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